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Sexy T-Shirts

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Goodbye long droopy tees — make way for these sexy T-shirts. Tight-fitting tops and crop tops are all the rage, inspired by popular models like Gigi Hadid. Cute T-shirts can be worn as casual attire or activewear or for fun-in-the-sun time. Short sleeve or long sleeve, a mini tee that hugs the midriff with wide elastic will accent a flat stomach and make you feel like Kylie Jenner after a workout. Don't hide all of that progress that you've made — flaunt it with a stunning tee. Choose your best color and wear it with high-waisted drawstring jogging pants.

Choose crop-top tees that tease onlookers with every move you make. Tie your tee at above the belly button, or select a shorter version and let it hang. If you want to make a statement, select a cute graphic tee and announce what's on your mind.