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See-Through Tops

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Your body will only look great if you have the right fabric accenting your shape. A sheer mesh long-sleeve top with an open neckline is perfect for drawing attention to a hot bosom and exaggerated cleavage. One of the best materials to highlight a stunning Beyonce look is satin outlined in a layered mesh fabric.

Color is another designer's trick for bringing attention to sexy see-through tops. Black, gold and silver that is studded with rhinestones or has glimmering fringe will bring depth to the body beneath. If you are still a little modest about showing off that upper torso, try a sheer mesh top that has plenty of lining at the bust to act as a teaser. The whistles will increase your self-confidence, and soon you will be trying out a more daring sheer long-sleeve top. Let your shape dictate which luscious sexy see-through top is right for you, then give it a go at your favorite nightclub.