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Scrunch Bikini

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The cheeky cut of Brazilian scrunch-bottom bikinis offers an inviting way to show off those buns, with added attraction along the sides. Strings appear to hold the sides of the bikini bottoms and provide a tempting display of skin. Picture Khloe Kardashian taking a stroll down a sunny ocean beach — this could be you. We’ve recently added several options in bikini bottoms to an updated collection, and the choices are awesome.

Brilliant colors and patterns are eye-catching, and details like tie-up jewels add definition to a scrunch-butt bikini. Snake prints and neon pinks are a few of the dazzling choices in our bikinis with matching tops. Pucker-back bikinis are made to fit your buttocks like a glove and leave little to the imagination. Full-pucker Brazilian bikinis are just as daring and attractive and come in beautiful sequenced designs. Prepare to feel hot and sexy on your next trip to the beach with this dazzling collection inspired by Kendall Jenner.