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Mesh Skirts

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A wraparound mesh maxi skirt is an attention grabber. Free-flowing and light, the 100% polyester fabric defies gravity and delivers a feeling of light-headed splendor to those watching. You’ll feel like Kim Kardashian when you wrap mesh skirts around your waist. Neon and bright colors are great for catching someone's eye as you stroll past.

Perfect attire as a bikini cover, a mesh skirt outfit is also a trendsetter. Whether worn outside where the ocean breeze can catch the fabric or inside where a grand entrance can be made, mesh skirts are unbelievably hot and fashionable. While they’re available in all lengths, colors and fabrics, white mesh skirts are a favorite against a firm tanned body. You’ll feel like Khloe Kardashian as you make your appearance. For a change of pace, try a ruched skirt or a crocheted shell to create a springy or uplifting mood.