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Flowy maxi skirts catch an eye like no one's business. Almost hypnotizing, the sensuous rhythm with each step you take is breathtaking. Like a sexy Gigi Hadid, you will have the attention of every man in the room. Black linen, made from 100% polyester, doesn't have to be a tight fit to bring attention. Flowy maxi skirts are comfortable as well as sexy, and you should have at least one in your closet.

A high-waisted sheer maxi skirt with slits is another great garment to have. Use it as a bathing suit cover or as an addition to a bodycon for extreme results. For an evening out, long maxi skirts with slits can highlight your figure. Choose a bandage high-waist or a sheer crochet or sequined mesh for accent. Long skirts with high slits work very well with matching shorts and are striking in velvet for romantic dinners. Keep long skirts with slits on hand for last-minute parties and dates as well as other occasions.

Flowy maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are effortlessly chic. Go for the glam in our white flowy maxi skirt. Adding a slit to our maxi skirts make it all the more glamorous. Team it with a crop top and you're ready to the hit the boardwalk or nightlife. Or, get ready for pool-parties and pair one of our flowy maxi skirts with our hottest swimsuits!