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Denim Shorts

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Ripped Bermuda jean shorts are a cast-off of high-waisted ripped denim shorts with dramatic tears and shreds. Bright colors make these knee-length jeans stand out. Neon pink, yellow and blue add a festive party appeal when paired with a sweet bosom-strapped top. More appealing yet are the short-shorts, the Daisy Duke high-waisted distressed jean shorts that leave little to the imagination.

A more contemporary Kim Kardashian–like fashion for all occasions, the clean cuffed button-down paperbag shorts are sweet and sexy in a distinguished sort of way. Made of cotton and spandex, they hold shapes boldly without being conspicuous. Dramatic belts help to highlight designer high-waisted blue jean shorts that accent that little swing from any accessories you choose to pair them with. No matter your shape or preference in length, you will find the perfect pair of shorts to help you look supreme when you strut your stuff.